About us

Ezeka World Global Limited is a registered company under the CAC Nigeria, with registration number - 1958191. We specialize in supplying, grading, processing, and recycling of used clothing, shoes, bags, belts, household rummage, etc. from the United Kingdom, our main market being Nigeria.
We also shop for businesses, personal purposes (both luxury and high street brands). We shop online, in-store, and in markets; most times we source beneficial and affordable business deals for our customers.

Our core values

a set of fundamental beliefs, ideals or practices that inform how we conduct our business

Best Quality

We consider excellent quality control measures when grading our products, hence we supply only high quality bales.

Homest Distributors

We try to reach every customer in Nigeria through our honest distributors, making sure to satisfy customers individually and as a whole.

Customer Satisfaction

We take customer satisfaction seriously, hence we constantly make efforts to deliver the best service.

This is us

We are a leading importer of UK used clothing and we render personal shopping services that help businesses and individuals grow.

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