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Book clothing bales before they get to Nigeria to ensure you don't miss out on newly shipped products.

Booking bales upfront is now an easy step you can take towards securing bales contained in an incoming supply. You can do that right away using the form below.
Simply select the bale categories and input quantity of each you want to book, then submit.Β 

Note all bookings made can not be undone.
30 minutes after your deposit/booking has been made and accepted, it cannot be edited, undone, refused, or returned.
We give 14 days for your balance to be paid after your booked bale(s) is available. After 14 days of availability, you forfeit the right to request for bale(s) and deposit/booking fee.

Booking has now been closed.

    All-new River Island Men shoes - EWS-AN-09All-new Shein Ladies mix - EWS-AN-06All-new River Island Men mix - EWS-AN-05All-new River Island Kids mix - EWS-AN-07All-new Ladies Underwear - EWS-AN-04All-new River Island Female Footwear mix - EWS-AN-03Premium Ladies Jeans - EWS-PRM-13Premium Children shoes - EWS-PRM-05Premium Men mix - EWS-PRM-10Premium Ladies Office wears - EWS-PRM-09Premium Ladies shorts - EWS-PRM-08Premium Ladies Bra/Lingerie - EWS-PRM-06Premium Trendy Female Footwear mix - EWS-PRM-04Premium Ladies mix - EWS-PRM-01Premium Plus-size Ladies mix - EWS-PRM-02Premium Children mix - EWS-PRM-03Grade-A+ Bathrobes - EWS-GAP-04Grade-A Men Cotton pants - EWS-GA-05Grade-A Ladies Bodysuits - EWS-GA-06Grade-A Ladies Poly Dress - EWS-GA-09

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